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Attention Leo! Read your free yearly horoscope to find out what holds for you! February through mid-March is one giant balancing act. You do a.

Or are you being expansively pragmatic, wielding your lively imagination to harness that fertility and creativity to generate transformations that will improve your life forever? Mythologist Joseph Campbell said that heroes are those who give their lives to something bigger than themselves. That's never an easy assignment for anyone, but right now it's less difficult for you than ever before.

Free Will Astrology: 4/18/18-4/24/18

As you prepare for the joyous ordeal, I urge you to shed the expectation that it will require you to make a burdensome sacrifice. Instead, picture the process as involving the loss of a small pleasure that paves the way for a greater pleasure. Imagine you will finally be able to give a giant gift you've been bursting to express. In , the Wright Brothers put wings on a heavy machine and got the contraption to fly up off the ground for 59 seconds.

No one had ever done such a thing. Sixty-six years later, American astronauts succeeded at an equally momentous feat. They piloted a craft that departed from the Earth and landed on the surface of the moon. The first motorcycle was another quantum leap in humans' ability to travel. Two German inventors created the first one in But it took years before any person did a back-flip while riding a motorcycle.

If I had to compare your next potential breakthrough to one or the other marvelous invention, I'd say it'll be more metaphorically similar to a motorcycle flip than the moon-landing. It may not be crucial to the evolution of the human race, but it'll be impressive—and a testament to your hard work. He was on a mission to find and arrest devotees of Jesus, then bring them back to Jerusalem to be punished. Saul's plans got waylaid, however—or so the story goes.

A "light from heaven" knocked him down, turned him blind, and spoke to him in the voice of Jesus.

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Three days later, Saul's blindness was healed and he pledged himself to forevermore be one of those devotees of Jesus he had previously persecuted. I don't expect a transformation quite so spectacular for you in the coming weeks, Scorpio. But I do suspect you will change your mind about an important issue, and consider making a fundamental edit of your belief system.

You could be a disorienting or even disruptive influence to some people. You may also have healing and inspirational effects.

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And yes, both of those statements are true. You should probably warn your allies that you might be almost unbearably interesting. Let them know you could change their minds and disprove their theories. But also tell them that if they remain open to your rowdy grace and boisterous poise, you might provide them with curative stimulation they didn't even know they needed.

What will be the story of your life during the rest of and beyond?

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How can you exert your free will to create the adventures that'll bring out the best in you, even as you find graceful ways to cooperate with the tides of destiny? If you'd like a boost of inspiration to fuel you in your quest for beauty and truth and love and justice and meaning, tune in to my meditations on your long-term outlook. Some children are repelled by the taste of broccoli.

Food researchers at the McDonald's restaurant chain decided to address the problem. In an effort to render this ultra-healthy vegetable more palatable, they concocted a version that tasted like bubble gum. Kids didn't like it, though. It confused them. But you have to give credit to the food researchers for thinking inventively. I encourage you to get equally creative, even a bit wacky or odd, in your efforts to solve a knotty dilemma.

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Allow your brainstorms to be playful and experimental. Spank yourself for me, please. Ten sound swats ought to do it. Behind you: an alluring but maybe confusing call to an unknown future. To your left: the chance of a dreamy adventure that may be half-imaginary. To your right: the possibility of living out a slightly bent fairy-tale version of romantic catharsis.

My job is to help you identify the options. Yet there are far fewer different keys to open all those handcuffs. My in-progress projects may seem inexplicable to the uninitiated! There may be allies to give useful feedback; I call them wounded healers.

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Contact advertise i saw u Advanced. Toggle navigation Main menu. Posted Tuesday, July 30, pm. Keywords astrology , jacksonville , florida. So how do you boost your excitement and motivation for those essential actions you do on a regular basis? Here's a good place to begin: visualize in exuberant detail all the reasons you started doing them in the first place.

Are you ready to seek more help from me in solving the riddles that confuse you? I trust you are excited about shedding old ways of thinking about yourself and eager to revise and re-imagine the plot of your life story. As you do, keep in mind this helpful counsel from physicist Richard Feynman: "You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be.

The only appropriate state of the mind is surprise

It's their mistake, not my failing. Do you crave more support in your efforts to build your courage?

Sixteenth-century artist Michelangelo expressed a similar idea. I'm guessing that you Scorpios have been in a phase when these descriptions are highly apropos. The work you've been doing may look productive and interesting and heroic to the casual observer, and maybe only you know how arduous and exacting it has been. So now what do you do? I say it's time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Give yourself a thrilling gift. What can you do to make yourself as receptive as possible to those blessings and relevations?

If that's even a little bit true, I bet you won't believe it in the coming weeks. According to my analysis, the universe will make a great deal of sense to you—at times even exquisite, beautiful, breathtaking sense. Life will be in a revelatory and articulate mood. The evocative clues coming your way about the nature of reality could tempt you to believe that there is indeed a coherent plan and meaning to your personal destiny.

Do you think it might be fun to dig deeper?


Are you interested in exploring mysteries that you have not yet been able to put into words? Its president asked graffiti artist David Choe to paint murals on the walls of its headquarters. Years later, when Facebook went public, Choe became a multi-millionaire.