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Contact us. Sabian Symbols Study Group: Virgo 3 - Welcome to the Sabian Symbol Oracle Study thread! Please feel free to discuss the Sabian Symbol in this thread, and to ask questions or, explore any aspect of the many interpretions the Symbol holds. Please add your own observations and interpretations too!! The Symbol used in this heading is by Lynda Hill www.

I thought it would be good to use the Orphalese software to record my daily sabian symbol readings and so set about looking for appropriate images to convey the meaning of each card. Attached is what I came up with for this symbol.

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Attached Images. I think we were all born to create and bring what we learned back to our Creator. Many have written and believe that when we incarnate we are blessed with guardian angels who offer us love and support at all times. Every child born is so very special!

Guardian angels do not teach or give us lessons, they are said to protect and look out for us. Reconnecting with our true selves, brings us to a place of fearlessness. Faith takes center stage and makes us brave when everything else tells us to run away. Similarly, Virgo, is the epitome of a person at complete fulfillment alone and to themselves, while always pondering perfection. Instead their virginal nature is a representation of the sustained personal identity they keep throughout their entire lives.

And actually, the astrological glyph for Virgo is thought to depict our sexual organs! At the peak of the mountaintop, his personal struggles have lead him to inward reflection and an uphill climb -- rising above any distractions and focusing on his mission. Want some enlightening words from the Hermit himself? Wisdom, like a flame to a candle, turns us into lanterns lit from within.

Money and possessions in the form of the pentacle dictate also, but the lofty spiritual aspirations of the Hermit are also vying for the attention of the Virgoan individual. The push and pull of these can be strong but it must be remembered that being poor is not necessary for spiritual growth. Of course you can follow the Hermit directly if you wish and abandon everything you own to be free, you can become a nun or a monk also.

This may not necessarily guarantee your enlightenment. What I believe the Hermit shows us through Virgo is that we can have a rich and varied life that is wealthy, abundant and also spiritual.

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Overcoming the 9 of Swords is key in making this happen — not worrying what other people may think of you, nor worrying about their judgements of your choices and decisions etc. If you think about this from a Virgo perspective, we often put the other before ourselves but if we reverse this, if we put our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health before others, we are better placed to be a more effective member of the family and the wider community.

Virgo needs to learn this. Tarot can also help us with this combined journey, but by examining the cards relating to Virgo or your own sun sign , you can gain a better understanding of the drivers, motivations, pitfalls and help available to make your life more rewarding, to enjoy your possessions, spiritual pursuits and make some sense of your birth sign, birth cards, all those idiosyncrasies and contradictions and how they relate to you.

Featured tarot deck: the Nigel Jackson Tarot, formerly known as the Medieval Enchantment published by Llewellyn, now out of print. Hi Catherine. I like your post. I found a lot of myself in it. I am also a Virgo, though my Numerology chart is full of 7 instead of 2. One thing I do not agree with, is the reduction of the Sun to 9. I see the Sun having much more in common with the aces, the Magician and the Wheel than the 9. Warmly, Catherine.

Thanks for getting back to me. I am not familiar with the pythagorean dekad system, while I am with Numerology. To each his own, I do like what you wrote about the Hermit light shining through his journey toward the Sun. I will have to go back and read the post again.

A Taste of Tarot: The Hermit & Virgo

Anyway, thanks. It raised some good points. I like to dig and I found it very informing and enlightening pardon the unintended pun to see where these adaptations came from. What I like about the older systems is their mystical approach and influence and it was what I saw as a wide gap of difference between the Hermit, Virgo and the Golden Dawn decan cards — earthly and practical paired with highly mystic and spiritual, they seemed so far apart to me. Glad you enjoyed the article.

Hi Catherine, I loved this post! So full of good information, some of which I have read Manly P. Hall particularly but never thought to put together myself. My name is the same as yours except my mum spelled it Katherine and I too am a Virgo, September 5th. I have been fascinated with this subject myself when a witchy pal of my sister told me Virgo is linked with the Hermit. I have always liked this card RWS and also the 9 of pentacles. Now I think perhaps I intuitively knew these cards were special to our cosmic situation, so to speak.

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Really great post overall so thank you. Virgo or Virgin also means pure. I take this to mean purity of speech, we do not lie; purity of thought because we also are not self-deceptive; purity of action, when we do something we do it, we are not secretly doing other things or subconciously working towards a different goal.

Also this word play highlights that perfectionist tendency. Sometimes I end up accomplishing nothing because of it! However, hearing another Virgo mention how tough that is gives me much hope, so again, thanks so much for this very enlightening post. Have a great day! The Hermit In tarot, perhaps the best known association to Virgo is of course, the Hermit.

The Hermit and Virgo Aside from the elemental connection that ties them, Virgo can easily be cynical, analytical, a perfectionist and a right royal pain in the rear. The Number 9 No matter where you take your numerological advice from, the number nine and the four corresponding pips of the minor arcana correlate beautifully.

He also goes on to confirm the associations that Manly P Hall presented above. The Number 9 and the Minor Arcana If we think of nines in the minor arcana we can see this contradiction playing out. So how does this relate to Virgo? The Contradictions in Virgo For many years I assigned my dual nature to the array of twos in my numerology chart. Virgo as the Hermit, Experiencing the Moon and the Sun The striving nature of Virgo can further be seen in the two major arcana cards that numerically partner the Hermit: the Moon and the Sun. The Sun The Hermit The Moon This simple explanation and visual depiction is also an essential aid in understanding the worrying nature of Virgo to the exaltation and expression of joy and happiness in life.

This provides a beautiful visual depiction of the spiritual growth the Hermit is so hungry for: The Sun 9 of Cups 9 of Pentacles The Hermit 9 of Wands 9 of Swords The Moon Initially I felt it appropriate to place the 9 of Pentacles as the highest minor arcana card, but this is wrong. Golden Dawn Astrology Associations The Golden Dawn refined the system of astrology used in the tarot and it is this system you are most likely to be familiar with when reading correspondences on blogs and in books about tarot.

The three main cards associated with the Hermit in this system are: 8 of Pentacles — Sun in Virgo 9 of Pentacles — Venus in Virgo 10 of Pentacles — Mercury in Virgo 8 of Pentacles Sometimes called prudence , the 8 of Pentacles talks of studiousness, of working in fine detail, learning new skills. With the Sun in Virgo, this card lays the foundation for all that it is to be Virgoan. The key to making this card work effectively is knowing when something is done well.

Again, think of striving for excellence rather than perfection and this card comes into its own.

Identifying Zodiac Signs In Your Tarot Reading

However, Venus in Virgo shows us the sensory and pleasure aspect in Virgo and this is where the Virgo curse can hit this card — when the fruits of your labour become solely about the possessions. This is in a different way to the 4 of Pentacles with miserly hoarding of cash. Becoming enchanted with your possessions so that they end up owning you defeats the point and nullifies the efforts made on the way to spiritual enlightenment. This aspect reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor and her penchant for expensive jewels. Mercury in Virgo carries with it clarity, authority and forthright decision making.

This is a pentacle so we can see the rich abundance that life has brought you to, mostly through effort. While there may well be some inheritances or dividends that finally paid up, there is a terrific sense of joy attached to this card and I see it in the form of generosity. Where a younger and maturing Virgo gave what they had in the way of service, the older Virgo can now give monetary rewards and gifts to those who are important to them. Summary The most striking element that runs through these explorations are the apparent contradictions and depth of landscape that Virgo plays with and engages.