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Attention Leo! Read your free yearly horoscope to find out what holds for you! February through mid-March is one giant balancing act. You do a.

Use it wisely! If you want to know which zodiac animal you are, please use this Chinese Zodiac calculator. Please note : This weeks forecast is for ALL signs. And if your Moon sign at birth is listed below, its influence will affect you more than others. Sunday 6th Oct. I am taking a break from writing the Weekly lunar horoscopes, they will be back soon.

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Thank You. Lotus Tarot Absolutely free readings, no nonsense! Saturn trine Venus is excellent for stability in relationships, with a realistic understanding and clear vision for future goals. Both personal and business relationships are favored. Saturn trine Mars brings strength to work hard with a wide perspective, yet not neglect details. Energy can flow to plan, structure, and organize for long-lasting contributions through work and service. Virgo traits of attention to detail, organizational abilities, and sense of discernment come together to create a successful harvest this autumn.

Phoenix qualities of boldness and bravery lead to favorable outcomes.

Uranian innovation and luck is for all, and is most transforming for Earth sign Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus and those born in Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Horse years. August 15 is a full Moon in Aquarius. Air sign Aquarius rules the 11th house of ideas, inspiration, and ideals, plus friends, groups, and the larger collective of all humanity. This full Moon, and as the lunar cycle wanes, is a good time for networking, sharing concepts, and making connections that expand your circle.

Team work leads to success, and think tanks bring interesting results. This full Moon is the peak of Monkey month to experiment and be open to all possibilities. Fine to innovate or take risks. Just reign in Leo extravagance that focuses on a passing fancy or superficial attraction, especially under the influence of mercurial Monkey.

Happy full Moon,. July 31 is a new Moon in Leo. Fire sign Leo rules the 5th house of art, creativity, and children. Mercury goes direct on this new Moon making it easier for travel, new experiences, and innovative self expression. Doors can open because timing is opportune for new enterprises.

There can be a pleasant sense of well being and increased generosity. All these Jupiter trines are basically favorable for success in business, financial matters, and long-range planning. But that could make relationships unpredictable.

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Even stable relationships benefit from readjustments that bring more freedom and independence. Call me or send an email to schedule a tarot or astrology session about your choices and plans. This new Moon begins the month of the Water Monkey.

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Brave Monkey is king in the Chinese zodiac, just as Leo is king in Western astrology. Monkey is smart, sharp, quick, and a bit of a magician. The element Water brings emotions and deep feelings so Water Monkey is sincere and caring. July 16 is a full Moon eclipse in Capricorn. Earth sign Capricorn rules the 10th house of career, wealth, and status in society.

What is hidden can come to light during an eclipse, so time to organize finances, especially before Metal Rat year that will be focused on money, both personal and global finance. The Sun and Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces is a positive influence for relationships to temper Moon conjunct Saturn seriousness, and eclipse with Pluto emotional intensity.

Mercury in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces that can be confusing if too much information becomes overwhelming.

Try this Cancer Full Moon Water Ritual for Powerful Release and Rebirth!

No need to make rapid decisions. The next new Moon on September 19 starts the second Earth Phoenix month, making two double Phoenix lunar months in a row. Time to cultivate Phoenix traits of hard work, conscientiousness, and discipline.

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The Earth Phoenix is the blessed golden Phoenix. Earth cycles are good to focus on practical endeavors including health, and can be excellent for business. Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation during this eclipse energy. August 7 is a full Moon and lunar eclipse. Eclipses heighten emotion, intuition, and instinct. This full Moon is in Air sign Aquarius for new ideas and ways of communication.

The Sun conjuncts Mars in Leo for extra energy and courage. But under the influence of Mars, people can be irritable. If this occurs, stay aware of the big picture and not fan any flames. Fortunately, the Sun sextiles Jupiter in Libra that is lucky for relationships and brings ease with colleagues. The Sun trines Saturn in Sagittarius to organize effectively so that your efforts achieve lasting results.

Traditionally in astrology, Mercury retrograde can be a time of miscommunication, technology problems, and items lost or misplaced. But Mercury retrograde during this Fire Phoenix Rooster year can be an excellent time to focus on detailed tasks such as catching up on financial matters, and doing feng shui your home or office. From August 12 to 30, Mercury is retrograde in Earth sign Virgo.

Mercury is comfortable in rulership sign Virgo. This is very good for detailed analysis and review. Communication is direct, and you can cover much ground. Be aware if people become bossy or demanding. Should there be ego disputes, wait out the Mercury retrograde cycle. We still feel the Mercury retrograde influence until the new Moon on September 19 that begins a new lunar cycle. February 26 is new Moon solar eclipse in Pisces. Water sign Pisces is artistic, sensitive, and highly intuitive.

An eclipse is an absence of light when the shadow is seen, so deep feelings and emotions can rise to the surface to be transformed. Therefore, this lunar month is ideal for meditation, contemplation, and to focus on self care and your domestic life. Artistic endeavors are favored, and imagination is powerful. This new Moon eclipse begins the month of the Water Rabbit. Water is the most yin element, and adds softness to gentle Rabbit.

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Water Rabbit is a deep feeling and empathetic soul who dislikes conflict and competition. Rabbit is opposite Phoenix Rooster in Taoist astrology. During Water Rabbit month in this Fire Phoenix year, take care and proceed with caution. A good use of Rabbit energy is to create beauty and harmony in your home.

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Contact me for your feng shui consultation. Mars, the red planet of war and courage, is in fiery Aries.

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Mars is conjunct Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change.