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Attention Leo! Read your free yearly horoscope to find out what holds for you! February through mid-March is one giant balancing act. You do a.

It is also a great time to conceive a baby. If you and your partner have tried, but no luck, meet with a fertility expert in early September and in early October you will receive good news. The beginning of September is a magical time to travel somewhere close by. You will have five celestial bodies in the travel sector near home, so the desire to leave will be strong. Give up and be spontaneous. Thanks to Uranus, a good friend can surprise you with an invitation or idea to travel for the first ten days of the month. With four planets and the new moon in the Virgin, the sign of preparations, you will want to look for restaurants, hotels and destination attractions.

The distance will be similar to London Paris.

You will enjoy this trip. Go with someone you know and love as a partner, sister, brother, or cousin.

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You will travel for fun, not for work. Even if you are traveling for work, a colleague or superior will accompany you. You're ready to travel farther through the full moon of September 13th for personal reasons - maybe romantic. You will love the destination and it looks like it is by the lake, river or a spring of crystal clear water. The full moon of September 13th will light up your ninth house and if you don't travel, one of the following areas will receive attention. You can go back to school or sign a contract - if so, talk to your lawyer about a clause that needs clarification.

If you are applying for a visa, citizenship or residence permit, Full Moon will provide a positive response within four days of September 13th. In terms of love, you had conflicting feelings about your partner. In January of this year, your relationship was having a hard time.

This month will materialize all the frustrations you have had or get closer to each other and make money - so either give up or repair it. Saturn governs serious relationships in love - including marriage - and in business. Keep in mind that Saturn will come out of the background on September 18th. Finally, you will behave as you feel about your partner. If you love it, you will get even closer. If not, you will take the initiative to meet someone else.

September 28th brings a new moon to the home and family sector. It looks like you plan to redecorate your house or move.

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Aphrodite will make a big impact and the changes made will be gentle, warm and welcoming. Aphrodite and Jupiter will pave the way for you to put your family and home plans into action weeks after the new moon. Changes made will raise morale. If you focus on your parents, you will change their lives for the better. Family is everything to you and now is the time to do it as you dreamed. Created by. For example, don't have plastic surgery and hold off on having any radical new hairstyle or other experimentation with your looks. Whenever Venus retrogrades, she sleeps and her powers are withheld, so you might not like the final results.

This also means that a new relationship is likely to go the way that you had anticipated. You may want to hold off having that first date or circulating with the aim of meeting someone new. You will have plenty of time from July 3 to August 8, for Venus will still be in Gemini and be by then in strong form, perfect for attracting and finding new love.

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As an aside, Venus also rules profits too, so it would be best not to sign a contract until next month. I will point out that Mercury will go retrograde July 14 to August 8, so you will need to be poised to act decisively in early July, while you have an ideal opening to do so. This year so far has been rife with retrogrades, making it hard to make progress. I am sorry to have to report about one more retrograde period coming up - you must be at the point of frustration to hear this news.

For now, the universe is speaking very clearly to us to slow down, go over your work, and be sure it is the best it can be. After August 8, there will be no more retrogrades until Mercury is out of phase form November 6 to You are in a powerful and important time now, because last month we had a new moon solar eclipse May 20, at 0 degrees Gemini.

If you were born within five days of that eclipse, you would be affected by it and a new door will swing open for you.

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If you have planets at 0 to 5 degrees Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius in your natal chart, that eclipse will be energizing those planets for some time - for six months or more. This month, we will have an important new moon, the second in a row in Gemini rare to have two! The June 19 new moon will be in ideal angle to Neptune in Pisces, so there is evidence that your career would get a big boost in late June. It would be your creativity and vision that would be responsible for your ascent, so contribute and offer ideas to others.

Uranus will be in a hard angle to the new moon, however, so you get an unexpected expense in late June. Financially, you may have gone through a tight spell lately, but that may have been because Saturn has been retrograde since February 7. Saturn will go direct this month from June 25 on. This should bring immediate relief to your cash flow - watch the days surrounding June 25 for good news. If anyone owes you money, it may come near that date.

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Watch for one possibly difficult situation, when Mercury will be in hard angle to Uranus, June This is the same day as good news from Jupiter, so it's a mixed day. Do not sign a contract on this day - do so on June 13, when the Sun and Saturn are beautifully supportive. Better yet, wait until well after the new moon June 19, your best option of all. You will want Venus to go direct first, June 27, and then your road is clear for takeoff!

I would like you to wait for June 27, for you may have to watch a difficult aspect between Uranus unexpected developments and Pluto the government, creditors, banks on June If you owe money to anyone, your creditor is likely to come on strong now. If you ask for a favor, it is not likely you could get it, so you'd have to pay the piper.

If necessary, meet with your attorney to sort out your options. Most Gemini love to listen to the news, for you don't like to feel you are missing out on any information!

Gemini 2019-2020 Astrology AWESOME OPPORTUNITIES

Watch the time near June 24 for important news from the government to be reported in the media, but that some factions of the population will not be happy to hear. Many may take to the streets to demonstrate their feelings, no matter what the edict happens to be. The month will end on a positive note for you.

On June 29, Mercury and Jupiter will be beautifully angled, perfect for writing, speaking, research and translation assignments, anything involving telecommunications, software, and app development, and also for travel. No matter when your birthday falls, you will find this to be a month filled with communication, quick travel, new people, fresh starts, new offers, and lots of stimulation.

You may start a new venture, and if so, you may have meetings to get your venture in the pipeline.

Gemini Horoscope for September 12222

There is another function of the eclipses, and that is to update your self-image and your estimation of your talents and experience. Now, we have a new eclipse in this series, a full moon lunar eclipse, June 4. This new eclipse, June 4, will highlight a close business or romantic relationship. Something is coming to culmination - it could be an engagement, wedding, or a contractual agreement. Conversely, it could also mark a possible ending, as the job of an eclipse is to deliver full information that will help you make a final decision.

There is no way to know if an eclipse will find weak or strong links to your closest relationship, but you'll soon know if it does. Should you "lose" anything, you will be clearing the decks for something better. Venus in Gemini is currently retrograde until June 27 so ideally, you can time your biggest initiations to month's end. The happy and very monumental news of the month is that Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will move into Gemini on June 11, crowning you celestial favorite of the zodiac.

Once this happens, you will have a full year's reign that will extend to June 25, You've not had Jupiter's benefic help since June June This is rare favor, and it won't take long for you to see the outstanding favor you soon will have. VIPs will open doors for you, opportunities that you used to dream about will materialize, and your ability in communication arts will be in demand. You will travel far and wide in the coming twelve months as well, and your outlook for enjoying love and meeting your soul mate has never been better in the year ahead.

Once Saturn moves out of Libra and your fifth house of true love on October 4, you will have an even better outlook for enjoying love in the future - Saturn is not due back for a long time. Financially, although things look mixed, you will have so many opportunities that I feel you can land sunny side up. The whole world is opening up for you in ways that you've never seen. Don't let anything that you consider untoward ruffle your feathers, dear Gemini.

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The best is yet to come. Romantically, from mid-June onward, and extending for a full year, you certainly have an excellent forecast for love!